Project SEARCH Initiative

Earlier this year, the CIL was invited to take part in the Project Search initiative, whereby several Supported Employment consumers are selected to join forces with a host business, namely UF/Shand’s College of Medicine and the Alachua County School Board, to provide internships. The goal of these internships is to teach them marketable skills so that, upon graduation in May, they are able to obtain meaningful/gainful employment in our community, ideally with Shands Hospital.

Over the course of the next school year, they will be interning in various departments throughout UF/Shand’s College of Medicine. CIL staff and partners provide the support, coaching, and encouragement needed for these individuals to take an opportunity and hopefully turn it into a long and fruitful career!

ID: Picture was taken on the first day of Project Search at the beginning of the month, as the interns were being introduced to the training room. From left to right: Tyler Salas, Alachua County School District teacher, 7 Project Search students and Ammal Eltigani, CILNCF staff and Employment Consultant. The photo has a background of white on the top half and purple on the bottom half. “Project SEARCH” is written beneath the photo.