National Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness Day!

The National Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness Day celebrates the crucial role of AT in the lives of people with disabilities and older adults. It highlights the government’s support and funding for AT, essential for education, employment, and community participation. AT enables inclusivity in classrooms and workplaces, emphasizing its necessity, not luxury. The day also honors AT specialists, program coordinators, and organizations dedicated to enhancing access to AT for individuals with diverse needs.

In our latest episode of The Independent Life Podcast, Eric Reed, Executive Director of FAAST, and Kailey Medlock, FAAST’s Training & Community Development Director, discuss the role of assistive technologies in fostering independence for individuals with disabilities. They highlight the diverse range of assistive technologies available and how FAAST has expanded its reach under Eric’s leadership. The podcast explores innovations such as SMART homes and their impact on accessibility and autonomy. Eric also discusses FAAST’s involvement in supporting farmers with disabilities through the Florida AgrAbility Project Advisory Board, emphasizing the importance of reaching rural communities and ensuring access to repair services for assistive technologies. The partnership between FAAST and The Center For Independent Living has empowered numerous individuals, promoting independence and enhancing quality of life. Tune in to learn more about the evolving landscape of assistive technologies and their significant role in improving lives.

🎙️ The Independent Life Podcast

ID: The graphic shows a female in her wheelchair, at her desk, working on the computer. She is wearing headphones, glasses, a yellow shirt, and black patterned overalls. There is a blue gradient overlay on the photo. Written in white across the gradient reads, “April 17 National Assistive Technology Awareness Day”. The FAAST logo is in the top left corner and the CILNCF logo is in the top right corner.