CIL Housing Program making a difference!

This year’s Amazing Give funds will go towards employment, youth programs, and housing. Consumer Specialist extraordinaire, Mark Brisbane, oversees our housing efforts and we would love to give you the chance to get to know him and his work better.

One of Mark’s major roles at the Center includes empowering consumers by assisting them in securing a place to live. He guides consumers through the voucher application process and provides resources for self-advocacy. Nearly every consumer he works with goes on to cherish the experience, including Ms. Wilbert:

Ms. Wilbert had put caretaking for her elderly parents above her own career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Following their passing, she went on to live with her adult children, as she was without the means to secure her own apartment. She had directed three women to the CILNCF’s housing program before participating in it herself. While it was a challenge to ask for assistance, Mark easily quelled this anxiety with his compassionate and genuine nature. She now has her voucher, her own apartment, and a newfound sense of independence. She stated, “Mark is really amazing. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it. And he is willing to go to the extreme.”

With The Amazing Give fast approaching, Ms. Wilbert, Mark, and all of us here at the CILNCF encourage you to donate on April 22nd, as a portion of this year’s funds will go towards expanding the reach of our housing program. You can visit our Amazing Give page and watch a video from Mark to learn more about what we have accomplished and what more will be made possible through your donations!