McIntosh 1890s Festival

We had an amazing time at the McIntosh 1890s Festival this year! 🌳🌸 This iconic Florida event, with its rich history and Victorian charm, drew over 40,000 visitors and hosted more than 250 vendors this year. 🎡 From arts and crafts to antiques, custom jewelry, and homemade goodies, there was something for everyone. The McIntosh 1890s Festival is not just a feast for the senses but also a vital fundraiser for local organizations, including the Friends of McIntosh.

CIL was thrilled to be a part of this incredible celebration, sharing information about our impactful work in the area. Did you stop by our booth? Our team was dedicated to spreading awareness about the services and resources available to people with disabilities in our community. We shared insights into our mission and the local initiatives we support. Your support means the world to us, and events like these allow us to connect with you, our amazing community.

Thank you, McIntosh, for your warm hospitality and for being a part of the legacy that makes this festival one of Florida’s premier events. 🌟 Let’s keep building a stronger community together!

ID: This post contains 3 pictures. Picture #1 has a purple background and shows Kevin, Brandon, Sada and Ashlyn at the CIL table with brochures about CIL services. Picture #2 has a turquoise background and shows an overview of the event with attendees walking down the festival street, lined with booth tents and trees. Picture #3 has a bright green background and shows Sada at the CIL booth sharing information with an attendee; Ashlyn is petting a dog next to the booth. All 3 pictures have “McIntosh 1890s Festival” written on the top left corner, the CIL logo displayed on the top right corner, and CILNCF written on the bottom right corner.