ILS Outing at Oaks Mall!

On Thursday, July 6th, the ILS group had their first outing since COVID! We met at the Oaks Mall in our patriotic colors and ate lunch together. All those who chose to wear red, white and blue had their name put in a bag to be drawn out for a prize. Andrew won! We then completed our Independent Living Plans for the next few months, as well as had some fun patriotic discussion questions to talk about! Everyone stated that they had a great time today!

ID: There is a graphic with 3 photos from the event. The CIL logo is displayed on the bottom right, in white.
Top left pic: CIL consumers sitting at a table with CIL staff Christie.
Bottom left pic: CIL consumers sitting on the other side of the table with CIL intern Stephanie.
Right pic: CIL consumer Andrew sitting at a table wearing silly patriotic USA sunglasses.