Happy Mother’s Day from the CIL!

We hope everyone is having a great day celebrating with their families.  Please enjoy some of our staff’s favorite Mother’s Day memories below!

Debbie:  My favorite Mother’s Day memories, if I had to choose, would be my first Mother’s Day as a mom to Alan. Memories of my mom was looking forward to a family dinner every year with siblings and grandkids. I really miss my mom the most. We lost her to breast cancer. Between my sister and my mom, I have learned to fight, not sit back and waste away.

Lauren:  In 2017, my daughter brought home a small plant, “Mother of 1000 Daughters” that her 2nd grade teacher had the students put together for Mother’s Day. It is a very beautiful, unique and hearty plant that, just like its name, can produce 1000s of little baby plants in a short amount of time. We love plants at our house, so this was an amazing gift that I have to be careful with where I put it, as the babies will fall off the leaves and seed themselves ANYWHERE with the slightest movement of the plant. In the concrete, aluminum siding, porch cracks, and certainly all over the yard if I put it outside. Needless to say, I have several growing from the mother plant, and probably hundreds more that I’ve pulled up since then, but it’s the gift that’ll keep on giving, and I’m reminded of this every time I see a new one popping up somewhere random.

Drew:  My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when I made a picture slideshow for my mom with family pictures, music, etc. and surprised her with it!

Image Description:  Background includes a clear blue sky, a couple of thin, white clouds, with fuchsia and light pink flowers at the bottom growing out of green grass in a field.  The CIL logo is to the bottom left, just above the flowers.  The blue text at the top reads, “Happy Mother’s Day!! Moms deserve all the flowers in the world! With love from The CIL.”