Happy Birthday Clara & Cammeron!

We can’t believe it’s already May! We hope everyone is having a wonderful spring season. Please join us in saying a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CIL staff members who celebrated birthdays in March and April! We hope you all had fabulous birthdays filled with joy, hope and new beginnings!


ID: The first image is a picture of Clara in the Gainesville CIL conference room. She is standing behind the end of a brown table adorned with her birthday cake. Her cake is a white frosted sheet cake, decorated with colorful icing of purple, pink and light blue roses just at the top, with green leaves. Purple, pink and light blue icing borders also adorn the cake, with purple at the top, pink in the middle and light blue at the bottom of the cake. “Happy Birthday Clara” is written in purple icing towards the middle and bottom of the cake. There is one red candle at the top middle of the cake that reads, “Happy Birthday” with yellow lettering, and two balloon shaped candles on the left and right side of the cake. The balloon candle on the left is blue with colorful stripes on the front, and the balloon candle on the right is orange with colorful polka dots. Clara is smiling with her arms straight and hands resting on the table. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing a white, short sleeved top with dark colored pants, gold- hooped earrings, and reading glasses sit on the top of her head. The photo has a turquoise background.

The second image is a picture of Cammeron in the Gainesville CIL break room. He is sitting at a round table covered with a blue tablecloth, colorful birthday plates, colorful birthday napkins, and his birthday cake is in the middle. His cake is a white frosted sheet cake, decorated with white icing borders and 5 colorful roses of yellow, red, orange at the top left, and purple and blue at the bottom right, with green leaves. “Happy Birthday Cammeron” is written with blue icing in the middle and there are 5 blue candles at the top right of the cake, and a large colorful candle at the top left that reads, “Happy Birthday”. Cammeron is smiling and holding up a blue candle that is lit and he is wearing a dark yellow polo shirt. Behind him on the light blue wall is a colorful banner that reads, “Happy Birthday”. The photo has a purple background.