Governor’s Hurricane Conference

Exciting News from the CIL at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference! 🌟

Kevin Towles, representing CILNCF & FILC, recently joined forces with other CIL’s at the 38th Governor’s Hurricane Conference. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the incredible work we do in our respective areas! 💪

Collaborating with CIL’s from CIL of South Florida, Disability Resource Center, DisAbility Solutions For Independent Living, Inc., and Center For Independent Living Of The Gulf Coast, we highlighted our unique contributions and connected with representatives from diverse regions.

This collaboration is opening doors in new areas, allowing us to expand our impact and support for individuals with disabilities. Together, we’re making strides toward a more inclusive and resilient community!

ID: There are 4 graphics, each with a blue background with a photo in the center. Above the top left of the photo reads, “Governor’s Hurricane Conference” and below the photo on the bottom right reads, “CILNCF & FILC”. The CILNCF logo in white is displayed on the top right of each graphic.
Photo #1: Kevin with FILC members in front of the FILC booth
Photo #2: Kevin and Lindsey representing CILNCF and AgrAbility at the conference from their booth
Photo #3: a group photo of CIL and FILC enjoying lunch out at a restaurant
Photo #4: A group photo of CILNCF and FILC at the conference