Food Distribution Successes!

We are so happy to share our recent progress with our COVID Food Distribution, a CIL Connections service.

At our most recent distribution, we gave one hundred nutritionally balanced boxes of food and even more baked goods to over 35 consumers at Sunshine Apartments! How much did this cost? Nothing! Thanks to our partnership with Bread of the Mighty, we were able to bring a surplus of food to a community in need.

We have also reached a new neighborhood, Caroline Manor! It was a true pleasure meeting these residents and new CIL consumers, including Ms. Reynolds, pictured below. Several residents were also signed up for additional services, including Paratransit and Employment. It means so much to us to help such a lovely community meet their independence goals!

We look forward to expanding our reach even further in the upcoming months, as bringing food and other essential items to our consumers is a crucial factor in maintaining independence during this pandemic.