FACIL continues to accept applications for the JPPAS program!

The Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living (FACIL) is still accepting applications for the James Patrick Memorial Work Incentive Personal Assistant Services program (JPPAS)! The JPPAS program provides monthly stipends to qualified Floridians with disabilities who require personal assistance services for daily living.

Michael has been using JPPAS for over two years! Read Michael’s comment below about how JPPAS has changed his life: 

“I have been a member of the JPPAS Community for more than two years. It has been a life-changing benefit for me and many others living with a disability. For years people with disabilities were looked at as a community that can contribute little to society as an employee, an employer or as a consumer. Much like myself, people who live with a disability want the opportunity to contribute to society in the workforce and every other aspect of what makes life worth living.

The JPPAS program Is the main reason that this is possible for a great number of people living in the state of Florida.  The assistance provided allows me to live at home with my wife, work at a job that I enjoy and lead a productive life full of happiness and purpose.

Florida has so much to offer people who live with a disability. Our state is an attractive destination for a community of employed workers and consumers which makes Florida a paradise for reasons that go beyond beaches and the sunshine.  Quality of life is a necessity for every human being. For thousands of Floridians, this would not be possible without the assistance of The JPPAS program.”

Image description: dark blue background featuring two pictures of Michael side by side. The picture on the left is Michael smiling in his wheelchair with a computer on his lap. The picture on the right is angled behind Michael so you can see his laptop screen while he works outside in his backyard. The FACIL logo is in the bottom right corner of the image. There are blue semicircles and small pink dots spread around borders of the image.