FAAST Demonstration and Training at Discount Daze!

At the beginning of April, the CIL FAAST Program had a demonstration and training at Discount Daze in Ocala.  Troy Leonard, the owner of Discount Daze, demonstrated the Independence Bed, which can help anyone who has difficulty getting out of bed or is worried about falling out of bed.  The bed can assist someone with sitting up independently, and has an automated self-reclining machine, and a lift which can bring someone close to the ground.  CIL staff Andrea Melvin, Brandon Palermo  and Claudia Avendano attended the presentation and learned all about the various features of this assistive technology.  Thank you Discount Daze and Troy Leonard for providing a great presentation to our team and participants!

ID:  Picture of (from left to right), Brandon Palermo, Troy Leonard and Andrea Melvin at Discount Daze, standing in front of the Independence Bed.