CILNCF Essential Items Gifting!

Towards the end of December during the midst of the holiday season, the CIL was able to provide some essential items gifting for our consumers!

This opportunity was created from identifying the needs that were not just food, but also for bare necessities. Our consumers were gifted items that were specifically needed, such as cleansing wipes, toiletries, hygiene products, PPP and more.

Special thanks to the UF Disability Resource Center as they provided several bags of these needed items, and also to the Gainesville Housing Authority that assisted with distributing out the items! The consumers were unaware of their “Secret Gifting”, but were so thrilled and grateful for this small act of kindness. We were so glad we could offer this token of love to show our support in their lives during these uncertain and uneasy times.

Thank you Shera and all of our amazing volunteers for helping put this all together!

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