Employment Team Social!

Our Employment Program staff had a great time at their February team social! Lauren, Clara, and Brandon visited CAVA for a Greek lunch and the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. They met the owner Kari and the staff Diane who toured them around much of the 42 acre location. Many of the primates there come from inhumane backgrounds, but luckily, live a life of luxury now that they are in Ms. Kari’s hands! Thanks so much Employment Team for all that you do!

ID: There are four images in the graphic. The top left photo is of two Marmosets holding on to the fence and looking outwards. The top right photo is of Goldie Hawn and Udi, they are their biggest spider monkeys. The bottom left photo is of a black tufted-eared marmoset sitting in its enclosure. The bottom right photo is of a cottontop tamarin climbing the fence. The background is green and there is a blue box in the center that reads “Employment team social!” in white letters. The CILNCF logo is in the top right corner.