Employment Success Story!

In celebration of Disability Awareness month, we’re thrilled to share our success story with Delroy! Delroy is a recent graduate from CDL training school and received support from our Disability Resource Center to secure a job at a local septic company. We’ve been with Delroy every step of the way, helping him obtain the necessary certifications and endorsements. His passion for the road knows no bounds, and he’s on a mission to become a successful over-the-road truck driver and, ultimately, a business owner!

Delroy’s enthusiasm is contagious, and we’re equally excited to witness his journey unfold. Join us in celebrating his remarkable achievement and sending him the best of luck on this new adventure!

ID: A photo of Delroy and Lauren (CILNCF Employment Services Program Director) is displayed on the right half of the graphic. Employment Success is written in blue on the top right side. Underneath reads, “Delroy graduated from CDL Training school back in April of this year. He got all set up with his Medical Certificate and DOT Physical with the local technical school. He was referred to CIL and we were able to land him a job at a local septic company, and this was us at the DMV obtaining his tanker endorsement so he can transport liquids and know how to “manage the slosh.” Delroy is extremely excited to be utilizing his skills with his CDL education and licensure. Future goal is for him to own his own business as an over the road truck driver. Graphic has a purple border.