CORE Team February Social!

The CORE Team had a great time at their social this past month! They met at the indoor pavilion at the Veterans Memorial Park for a game day, and kicked off the festivities with a breakfast of bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit and coffee! While enjoying the breakfast spread, they all introduced themselves for the new people in their group. They also had snacks of blueberry muffins and pretzels while playing games throughout the morning. Everyone had a blast learning more about each other while playing cards, learning a new Monopoly card game, and playing several rounds of Dominos. For lunch, they had a Publix pizza roll platter (with a happy face on it!), chips, veggies and dip, then cookies and brownies for dessert! It was a wonderful day away from the office, with lots of food, fun, games and laughter!

ID: There are two photos shown in the graphic. The top left photo is a selfie of the CIL CORE team (from left to right) Stephanie, Lucinda, Kevin, Terri, Patricia, Sada, and Colleen taking the photo and holding up a peace sign. They are sitting around a round table playing a game of dominos. The bottom right photo is of Colleen standing in front of the food and holding up the Publix pizza roll platter. The platter has a smiley face on it. The graphic has the CIL logo in the top right corner, with a white background and text that reads “CORE Team Social” in the bottom left corner, with a blue and purple ombre background.