CIL CORE Team Social Activity

Our health is everything!  Last week, our CORE Program team got together (those who could) for a relaxing and fun health and wellness social activity.  This is one of several wellness events the CIL is providing throughout the year for our amazing staff, so they can recharge and enjoy themselves by not talking about work!  The CORE team enjoyed a painting activity as well as pizza for lunch and had a wonderful time following the how-to video and supporting each other’s efforts.  Stay tuned for more CIL team wellness updates coming soon!

ID: Image contains four pictures. Picture at the top left are (from left to right) Colleen holding pink paint, Lucinda holding blue paint, Terri holding paint-brush, and Sada holding two paint-brushes. Picture at the top right is Colleen in the forefront taking a selfie with Terri, Lucinda, and Sada painting their pictures in the background.  Picture at the bottom left are (from left to right) Terri and Lucinda painting their pictures, and picture at the bottom right are (from left to right) Colleen, Sada, Lucinda, and Terri holding up their finished paintings.