Coffee Break Match starts NOW!

We have just FIVE HOURS left of the #TheAmazingGive! We continue to be so grateful to those of you who have already donated!

Our Coffee Break Match starts NOW until 4pm! All donations will be DOUBLED during this hour, so please consider donating at this time and spreading the word. Special thanks to our amazing sponsor, Restoration Medical, LLC, for their generous $500 matching gift to make this possible!

To support your community’s #farmers, donate to CIL’s Amazing Give:

Let’s keep this going strong until the end!!

ID: Graphic displays a notification alert with e red bell at the top of the notification, with the text “Coffee Break Match” both in red. There is a think red line underneath and additional text displaying “Now until 4pm! All donations will be doubled!”. The CIL and The Amazing Give logos are displayed at the bottom center of the graphic.