CIL Wheelchair Ramp Building Program keeps moving on up!

Our Wheelchair Ramp Building Program is moving in an upwards spiral with another ramp being built for a consumer in need! 

Our latest recipient, Frederic, is 14 years old and was accidentally shot, resulting in him needing to use a wheelchair due to quadriplegia.  He was no longer able to fully access his own home, so Mark Brisbane, CIL Core Services Director, worked diligently with the family and was able to secure a new, modular wheelchair ramp in just over a week!

Having a ramp not only allows Frederic the necessary access to his own home, but also provides him access to the community, and being able to attend vital physical therapy sessions and follow-up medical appointments.  His mother Amber said it was a miracle to receive a ramp so quickly from the CIL!

Thank you so much Mark for making such a huge difference in Frederic’s life!  If you know of anyone in need of a wheelchair ramp, please e-mail Mark at or call 352-378-7474.  

Image includes four pictures; the top two are before pictures of Frederic’s mobile home, showing old stairs with rotting wood and a missing rail on the left side, leading up to the front door, with debris surrounding the front yard of the home. The bottom two are after pictures, showing the newly built modular ramp without stairs or debris in the front yard.