CIL Program Wins State Award

I am PROUD to announce that out of 36 programs, the CILNCF has just been notified by The Able Trust that our program has been named “The 2011 High School High Tech Program of The Year”!

This award is well deserved and earned through the hard work of our staff; Amy Tharpe, Program Director, Stephanie Weeks, Senior Program Coordinator, Carol Terrillion, Program Coordinator, Melissa Merrill, Program Coordinator, Pepper Anderson, Program Coordinator and Colette Gromoll, Business Manager.

Additionally, I would like to recognize our strong network of invaluable partners, who together, create tremendous opportunities for our students.  These include: Alachua, Bradford, Levy, Marion and Putnam County School Boards.  Our caring and hard-working Teacher sponsors.  The committed business partners who believe in the potential of every student and prove it year-after-year by creating summer internship opportunities.  Further deserving of recognition are the regional workforce boards who support summer internships.  These include Florida Works (Alachua/Bradford Counties), CLM (Levy/Marion Counties) and Worksource (Putnam County).

And of course, our students.  HS/HT is a volunteer student enrichment program. Students sign-up for it, commit time and hard work to maintain eligibility, and do so out of their own personal desire to be better prepared for life after high school.  The success of our program is very much a reflection of what each student puts into it and the effort they make to challenge themselves.

William Kennedy, Director
Center for Independent Living