CIL Housing Program partnerships continue to change lives in our community!

The CIL is still working hard through the pandemic to help our consumers find affordable housing during these difficult times. One of our consumers received a housing voucher last year which enabled her to transition from an abuse shelter and sleeping in her car with her children, into a safe and affordable home earlier this month! The Gainesville Housing Authority’s mainstream voucher program, and the help she received from the Center for Independent Living, has completely turned her and her family’s life around for the better. Special thanks go out to our own Consumer Specialist Mark Brisbane, the Gainesville Housing Authority and Eric Davis with GRACE Marketplace for partnering together and making this happen for our consumer and her family!

Image description: blue watercolor background featuring 4 pictures. The top left is a uhaul in front of a blue house, the top right is an empty living room with a grey floor and white walls, the bottom left is a photo of Eric Davis from GRACE with the new owner of the house, and the bottom right is a kitchen with brown cabinets and a white stovetop and oven. In the top center of the graphic, the words “Thank you” are featured. The GRACE and CIL logos are in the top right corner of the graphic and the Gainesville Housing Authority logo can be found in the top left corner.