CIL hosts first FAAST vendor event!

Last week, the FAAST Program had its first vendor demonstration here at the CIL!  We were happy to host Parth Shah and Mohit Patil, Founders of Abilitare.  They both demonstrated how to use their hands-free computer access devices, the Abili Mouse, Abili Toolbar and Abili Switch.  These amazing products allow users to navigate a computer completely hands-free!  Everyone who attended enjoyed the presentation and also learned more about the FAAST Program from CIL Assistive Technologies Specialist, Claudia Avendano and CIL Consumer Specialist Brandon Palermo. 

To learn more about Abilitare and all it has to offer people with disabilities, please visit or reach out to Parth and Mohit at

Image Description:  Graphic of five pictures from the FAAST event at the CIL.  At the top is Claudia (left) standing and talking about FAAST in the  CIL activity room, in front of a TV screen and rectangular table, with Brandon sitting at the right side of the table, top left is a picture of Mohit (left) and Parth (right) with Mohit holding the Abiltare box and Parth wearing headphones, top right is a picture of Parth (left) and Mohit (right) with the TV screen in between, giving their presentation, bottom left is a picture of Sada, trying out the device, wearing a black baseball cap with the hands-free device attached, and the bottom right is a picture of Claudia (left) and Brandon (sitting to the right) giving their presentation.