CIL highlights the Youth Leadership and Social Group!

The CIL turned 40 late last year, and as our way of celebrating, we will be highlighting one of our programs each month. For the month of February, we are highlighting our CIL youth program!

In the CIL Youth Leadership & Social Group, individuals with disabilities between the ages of 14 and 24 who are interested in having fun and creating friendships explore different activities to improve their social skills and learn with one another. Last week, participants celebrated Valentine’s Day. Destiny, one of our interns, educated participants on the history of Valentine’s Day and played a guessing game. Next week, the group is going to watch a movie together on Zoom!

Image Description: Background is a pastel pink. In the top center is red bolded text reading: “Youth Leadership & Social Group”. Beneath is an image of an open laptop. On the laptop screen is a snapshot of a PowerPoint slide reading “What are some common things/activities that you can do on Valentine’s Day?” with images of chocolate, flowers, dancing, teddy bears, and cards. Images of program participants are on the right hand side of the laptop screen. The CIL logo is located on the bottom right side of the screen.