CIL Employment Services Making a Difference in our Community!

Please read below about how your Amazing Give donations continue to make a difference in the lives of our consumers with disabilities!

Hallie is one of our consumers who is very hard working and dedicated. She studied Office Systems at Santa Fe College, and she was looking for office and receptionist type of work.

Our amazing employment services team worked extremely hard to help Hallie secure meaningful employment through the following hands-on and detailed approach:

Resume development – they made sure Hallie had an updated resume, and that it properly reflected her skills, education and work history.

Interview skills development – they worked extensively with Hallie to train and improve her interviewing skills. They reviewed her resume and highlighted all her positive and strong professional qualities, watched interview skills videos, conducted mock interviews and built Hallie’s confidence every time they practiced.

Job search and application – Hallie’s Employment Consultant executed daily job searches and applications, while Hallie also made the same efforts on her own.

Job placement – after going through many job interviews, they were able to help Hallie find work that related exactly to her degree.

Job retention – our team is continuing to check Hallie`s stability at work and her satisfaction with the job. Hallie is always appreciative and thankful for achieving her goal! 

We are sending our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Venauto`s management (Mr. Luis) to give Hallie this opportunity and treat her with care and kindness. Thank you so much for giving back to the community!