CIL Employment Program still going strong!

We wanted to share another great success story from our Employment Program!

David came to the CIL with the intent to gain some on the job experience as an auto mechanic and to hopefully follow that with employment in the same field. After visiting a number of auto shops in the area, CIL Employment Consultant Amanda, was able to find one particular shop with an owner who was eager to take David on and help him get the training he desired. In the month since he started his on the job training, he has been having a lot of fun getting hands-on experience with auto repair and maintenance, and his employer has really appreciated David’s enthusiasm to help out wherever he can at the shop.

Great job Amanda for providing David with this valuable on the job training opportunity, that helps prepare him for future employment opportunities!

Image is a picture of David and his supervisor looking into the hood of a truck, with his supervisor teaching him about the various parts of the engine.