CIL Employment Program continues to change lives!

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month and to celebrate, we’re highlighting successes from our Employment Program!

Jeremie, who is Deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate, was interested in pursing full-time work. He was referred to CIL and started working with Lauren, our wonderful Employment Consultant in our Ocala office. Lauren soon discovered that Jeremie is self-taught in most facets of home improvements, construction, renovation, and modification of structures. Through skill identification, regular meetings to job search, and unwavering support from Lauren, Jeremie was placed with a local furniture manufacturing and assembly plant. His employer has blessed him with fair earnings, benefits after a length of time, and a flexible work schedule to allow appropriate work/life balance.

Thanks to our Employment Program, Jeremie is enjoying full-time, meaningful work and is contributing productively to his local community!