CIL Emergency Preparedness Team at the Citrus County Hurricane Expo

Hurricane season is officially here! Our CIL Emergency Preparedness Team continues to represent in our catchment areas to ensure people with disabilities are well prepared, create a plan and build an emergency kit. Last weekend, CIL staff Kevin Towles and Terri Poucher attended the Citrus County Hurricane Expo, and helped spread the word about all we do at the CIL, especially with Emergency Preparedness, and informed attendees about resources in Citrus County. To learn more about our Emergency Preparedness Program, or if you have any questions about how to get prepared, please contact Kevin Towles at 352-368=3788 ext. 1017, or

ID: Picture of Terri (left) and Kevin (right) standing behind the CIL table, covered with a royal blue tablecloth and CIL brochures, at the Citrus County Hurricane Expo. The CIL standing banner is to their right. There is a blue border around the photo with the CIL logo in the top right corner. “Citrus County Hurricane Expo is written on the top left in white with a white line running down the left side. A white line runs along the bottom of the photo with “Emergency Preparedness” written next to it.