CIL Continuing to Celebrate 40 Years of Service!

The CIL is continuing to highlight one of our programs each month, in honor of our 40th year. For the month of April we are highlighting none other than our Wheelchair Ramp Building Program!

Check out our recent posts for success stories from consumers of this program as we gear up for The Amazing Give next week! And click the link below to listen to Executive Director, Tony Delisle, and Wheelchair Ramp Core Manager, Mark Brisbane, discuss the program’s legacy on the CILNCF podcast, The Independent Life!

Background is purple and blue gradient with confetti lining the top and CIL Logo in bottom left corner wearing a party hat. Heading in top center reads: “April Highlight: Wheelchair Ramp Program” in large, capitalized, white font. Below is a collage of overlaying images of past wheelchair ramps and volunteers.