CIL continues to celebrate our 40th Year!

We’re continuing to celebrate 40 years of service here at the CIL!  This month, we wanted to highlight our Emergency Preparedness Program! 

Within the past 6 years, people with disabilities were more of an after-thought when it came to preparing them for emergencies, and resources were extremely limited.  The CIL’s Emergency Preparedness Program helped to fill this gap, by consistently providing information and planning assistance to help people with disabilities prepare for emergencies.  We also work with organizations and emergency preparedness officials to help educate and train personnel for how best to assist people with disabilities in the event of emergencies, accommodations at shelters and more.

When Kevin Towles started working in our Emergency Preparedness Program, he was instrumental with creating partnerships and growing the program.  Every year, the CIL hosts Emergency Preparedness Expos in Marion and Alachua Counties, providing speakers and vendors to help educate people with disabilities about the steps they must take before, during and after an emergency. 

Also, when an emergency occurs, Kevin assists the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) within our local area and the state EOC.  Kevin states, “It is so important to me to help people with disabilities understand what is going on and also the government groups to understand where people with disabilities are coming from.  That is why we conduct events and participate in speaking opportunities to government agencies, to help them understand how we can work together, so that no one is left behind.”

Thanks so much to Kevin and our amazing Emergency Preparedness Team for helping people with disabilities gain even more independence throughout the seasons!

Please visit for updated information, as well as the State of Florida Emergency Contacts listed by county.