CIL continues to celebrate 40 years of service!

This month, we wanted to highlight AgrAbility, our brand-new program that assists farmers with disabilities!

The Florida AgrAbility Program (FAP) is a brand-new collaboration between the University of Florida (UF) and the CIL!  The FAP is receiving funding from a USDA’s AgrAbility grant, and is the first AgrAbility award for the state of Florida. 

The CIL has a central role in the FAP serving farmers with all types of disabilities, to ensure they secure and sustain meaningful work in agriculture through:

  • Offering worksite and home-based assessments.
  • Providing Assistive Technologies.
  • Modifying equipment and work sites.
  • Restructuring farm tasks.
  • Identifying resources and services that can aid their independence.
  • Assisting with inclusion in their communities through offering social opportunities that are essential for a high quality of life.

We are honored by this opportunity to give back to Florida’s farmers and reach more people with disabilities who live throughout our rural communities! 

If you know of anyone who might benefit from this program, please contact us here at the CIL at 352-378-7474 or

Image Description: Woodworker using a red clamp to secure a piece of wood to a workbench, wearing an orange hat, dark blue long-sleeved jacket and beige gloves. Piles of wood are in the background to the left, as well as a blue aluminum wood-beamed ceiling.