Check Out Our Podcast!

If you want to learn more about what the Educational Advocacy team has been up to, please check out our episode of the Independent Life Podcast. We go into detail about our outreach efforts and the progress we have made thus far. Let us know what you think!

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The post includes the CIL logo on the top left corner, followed by an illustration of a woman with brown hair and a purple shirt ​wearing headphones. To the right, there is a fun blue shape with text within it asking, “Wondering what we’ve been up to?”, followed by another shape of the same color on the bottom left answering the prompt and stating, “Check out our episode of the Independent Life Podcast (link in our bio).” On the bottom right of the graphic, the Independent Life Podcast logo can be seen, which consists of the the CIL logo and same blue, purple and green found within the rest of the post. Within the center, there is a large graphic of a microphone, surrounded by the podcasts title and host Tony Delisle’s name.