Check out another highlight of our Employment consumers and businesses!

The CIL is continuing to celebrate DEAM with more highlights of our Employment consumers and businesses!

Triple Crown Trailers has employed two of our consumers! They have hired Delroy Hunt Jr. as a welder (far right) and Cameron Foy (far left) works in axle assembly. Delroy has completed both basic and advanced welding and was promoted after one week, and then after a just couple of weeks was promoted again to welding assembly, where he is now welding trailers together! Cameron is super excited, proud, and happy that Triple Crown will be reintroducing him to small welding repairs until he builds up more confidence. Cameron is hoping to get back into welding and put his skills to use soon!

Thanks so much to the team at Triple Crown Trailers. You have all gone above and beyond to ensure that our consumers are comfortable, heard, and have the necessities to be successful!