Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth, a powerful day of commemoration on June 19th, signifies the liberation of enslaved African-Americans. However, let us not forget the overlooked plight of disabled individuals who were denied freedom by the Emancipation Proclamation. While President Lincoln’s proclamation freed most enslaved African Americans in 1863, the journey to liberation was prolonged for many. Today, as we celebrate Juneteenth and it’s growing recognition, we must raise our voices for the forgotten disabled individuals who endured continued oppression. We must advocate for justice, accessibility, and inclusive societal structures that grant freedom to all. Let this day ignite our passion for a world where every person, regardless of ability, can thrive and embrace their inherent rights.

ID: Graphic has a red, green, and yellow geometric background. On the left is a silhouette of an African American woman, donned in a yellow and green head garment, and red and yellow hoop earrings. “Freedom Day” is written at the top. The quote “Whether it’s freedom to express, freedom to live, freedom to earn, freedom to thrive, freedom to learn, whatever it is, I want to make sure that I’m a part of these spaces and opening doors.” -Angela Rye, Social Justice Advocate is displayed in the middle. “19 June” is written at the bottom. All text on the graphic is written in white.