Being Michelle is now available to watch!

The CIL wanted to highlight the release of “Being Michelle”, a powerful documentary about a deaf woman with autism who survived incarceration and abuse and now uses her artwork to depict the trauma she survived and heal from her past. “Being Michelle” is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There will be an in-person screening in Orlando, Florida on April 10th and 14th. If you have the time, try to make it! 

Check their website out!

Image description: Michelle takes up most of the image and behind her, there is a field of green grass with one police car in the distance with it’s lights on. Michelle is wearing a bright pink shirt and glasses and she is holding up a drawing of herself that she made. The drawing covers up most of her face just below her glasses.  In the self-portrait, Michelle is wearing a pink shirt with leaves drawn onto it. The Orange Kite Productions and Thriving Roots Initiative logos are in the bottom left corner of the image.