Back to School Bash at North Central Florida YMCA

We are thrilled to share our incredible experience at the Back to School Bash hosted by the North Central Florida YMCA in Gainesville this past Saturday on August 5th. Our dedicated team member, Claudia, represented CIL and FAAST Program, helping to spread the word about this amazing service that provides Assistive Technology (AT) for both children and adults.

Claudia had an array of cutting-edge AT devices on display, each designed to empower children with disabilities to excel not only in their studies but also in their everyday lives. These tools are game-changers, helping to unlock new opportunities and pave the way for success!

A huge shoutout to North Central Florida YMCA for organizing this fantastic event and giving us the opportunity to connect with our incredible community. Let’s continue spreading the message of inclusivity, empowerment, and boundless possibilities!

ID: Graphic has a white and turquoise background. A photo shows Claudia standing behind the FAAST/CIL table, which has informational brochures and Assistive Technology (AT) devices displayed. “Back TO School Bash” and “North Central Florida YMCA Gainesville” is written below the photo.