ADA Paratransit and Reception Team Social!

At the end of February, the ADA Paratransit and Reception teams got

together for their Team Social, and enjoyed a fun time out traveling back in time and playing all kinds of pinball, videos games and carnival games from the times of yonder, and not so long ago. The place was Bragging Rights Arcade in Gainesville (@BraggingRightsGNV). We definitely recommend it! We enjoyed some delicious pizza and soft drinks from Peppino’s Pizza

(@PeppinosPizzaPasta), and started the rounds of playing games. There were all kinds of arcade games to satisfy any heart’s delight, but the best part of the event was to be able to spend time with co-workers and have some fun together!.

ID: Four pictures within the image. The top left picture is Sada (left) and Destini (right) playing the Dance Dance Revolution game. The top right picture is Destini sitting and playing a large piano game. The bottom left picture is Alex taking a selfie with (from left to right) Cammeron, Destini, Eric, Christie, Sada and Peter in the background. The bottom right picture is Cammeron (left) and Sada (right) playing the Dance Dance Revolution game. Each image is separated by lines with CIL logo colors of fuchsia, dark blue, and turquoise.