$9,620 Donated!

#TheAmazingGive has come to an end with donations totaling over $9,620 dollars!!

We appreciate our donors so much for going above and beyond. You’ve helped our community and have made a huge difference in the lives of our youth with disabilities. On behalf of the CIL staff and consumers, thank you so much!!

Also, if you missed the giving day, don’t worry! Our donation page will remain open for donations until midnight on Sunday, April 28th! So, there is still time to make an impact by visiting our page link below!

CIL Amazing Give Page Link: https://www.theamazinggive.org/organizations/center-for-independent-living-of-north-central-florida

ID: graphic has a photo of our High School High Tech Students with a light blue overlay at 30% opacity. There is a white square outline in the center of the graphic. In the middle of the outline reads, “$9,620 Donated” written in white. Beneath that is “Thank You” written in black with a white background. The CIL logo is displayed on the bottom center.