6th Annual Emergency Preparedness Expo in Marion County a huge success!

Last week, the CIL hosted our 6th Annual Emergency Preparedness Expo for people with disabilities in Marion County and it was a huge success! It was attended by nearly 175 participants, 27 vendors (community-based organizations), and multiple emergency management and first responder agencies. The people in attendance were highly engaged, learned a lot, and accessed important resources to better prepare themselves for disasters.

Special thanks to all of our wonderful donors, vendors and speakers who helped make this event possible! Thank you for your continued support of people with disabilities in Marion County!

Great job to our Emergency Preparedness Team! We are very thankful for all of your hard work to deliver high-quality services for the community we serve!

ID: Five pictures within the image. The top left picture is of the CIL table in the background, as well as other vendor tables, with Marion Expo attendees speaking with the vendors. The top right picture is CIL Staff Andrea Melvin organizing flyers for those in attendance. The middle picture (left to right) is CIL Staff Terri Poucher and CIL Volunteer Kayla Trapp-McHughes, sitting at the sign-in table covered with a One Health Center tablecloth. The bottom pictures are overviews of the stage with presenters in the background. The CIL logo is in the middle right, and the middle left reads, “Marion County Expo.” Each image is separated by lines with CIL logo colors of green, light blue, dark blue, teal and fuchsia.