Staff Contact Info


Alex Cavalcante, IL Project Manager
Ammal Eltigani, Employment Consultant
Amy Feutz, Associate Director
Ashlyn Michael, IL Community Health Worker
Cammeron Smith, ADA Paratransit Specialist
Christie King, Data Entry Specialist and Office Receptionist
Colette Gromoll, Business Manager
Clara Ragusa, Employment Consultant
Claudia Avandano, FAAST Assistive Technologies Specialist
Debbie Beaver-Smith, Sign Language Interpreter
Destini Dupree, ADA Paratransit Specialist
Holly Briggs, Employment Consultant
Kathy Elkins, Sign Language Interpreting Manager
Ken Sanders, Sign Language Interpreter
Kim Moffitt, Sign Language Interpreting Support
Lindsey Head, AgrAbility Case Coordinator and Project Assistant
Mark Brisbane, Consumer Specialist
Medjina Ilsaint, ADA Paratransit Specialist
Myrtle Hoffman, ADA Paratransit Coordinator
Niusha Nazar Kazemi, HSHT Program Director
Patty McElroy, Bookkeeping Assistant
Peter Morales, Data Entry
Riley Tuck, Sign Language Interpreter
Sada Ahmed, Community Outreach Specialist
Sheyla Santana, Adult Transition Project Manager
Sophia Kitchen, Sign Language Interpreter
Stephanie Ivey, Adult Transition Specialist
Terri Poucher, ILS Coordinator
Tony Delisle, Executive Director


Andrea Melvin, Ocala Program Manager
Brandon Palermo, Consumer Specialist
Colleen Metcalf, Consumer Specialist
Kevin Towles, Consumer Specialist
Lauren Singleton, Employment Program Director
Lucinda Haile, Office Receptionist