PROJECT SEARCH – First Rotation Highlights

We are thrilled to share a glimpse into the incredible journey of guiding interns through their first rotation in the Project Search program. As the Employment Consultant Supervisor and Skills Trainer, Ammal had the honor of guiding a group of talented interns through this transformative experience and has this to say about for the students in their first rotation:

“In my role as a skills trainer at Shands Hospital, I had the privilege of guiding interns through their first rotation in the Project Search program. It was a transformative journey, witnessing these individuals engage themselves in the unique challenges of a hospital setting. Nurturing their professional growth, I observed a remarkable blend of resilience and skill development. The collaborative spirit within our team, coupled with the interns’ commitment, resulted in the successful completion of their first rotation, leaving a positive impression on their professional journey at Shands Hospital.”

The collaborative spirit within the team, coupled with the interns’ commitment, led to the successful completion of their first rotation, leaving a positive mark on their professional journey at Shands Hospital.

They are now in their 2nd rotation—stay tuned for more updates!

ID: Video consists of a slideshow of images of the students throughout their internship at Shands Hospital for their first rotations.