Making a Difference – 2

Cooking dinner, balancing a check book, completing a grocery list, getting to work, going to the doctor, conversing with strangers, keeping a job, using your phone, completing school, getting in and out of your home, making coffee…all of these tasks become infinitely more difficult when you have physical or learning disabilities.

These challenges frequently mean those of us with disabilities have to depend on others. While some of that is unavoidable, most individuals with disabilities don’t want to depend on other people for everything. The CIL provides a support network and access to the tools that empower people with disabilities to create independence for themselves.

Through advocacy and services like independent living skills training, navigating people to available services, sign language interpreting, ramp construction, employment services, youth programs and peer support, the CILNCF makes real life changes to thousands of residents of our area.

You can be a part of that network. You can help individuals with disabilities build strong, healthy, vibrant lives for themselves.