🌟 Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month! 🌟

This month, we’re thrilled to share an incredible success story from our Project Search program at Shands Hospital. Ammal Eltigani, our dedicated Employment Consultant Supervisor at CIL, couldn’t be prouder of the remarkable journey of our eight Project Search interns with disabilities.

As their skills trainer, Ammal has witnessed their incredible growth, unwavering determination, and the profound impact they’ve made at the hospital during their internships. These interns have shown us that disabilities are not barriers to success when provided with the right support and encouragement.

Together, these eight interns embody the spirit of determination, resilience, and continuous learning. They’ve taken on challenges, conquered obstacles, and proved that the sky’s the limit!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who’s been part of this transformative journey – from the interns themselves to their mentors, coworkers, and our dedicated team of trainers. Together, we’re making a tangible and lasting difference in their lives and shaping the culture of the hospital.

The ultimate goal of Project Search is to see these talented individuals employed at Shands Hospital by the end of the school year, following the successful completion of their rotations.

Let us introduce you to each of our remarkable interns, sharing their inspiring stories along the way.

ID: There are 8 graphics with a photo of the Project Search intern, followed by their correlating caption:

John, an intern at the EVS department, is already exceeding expectations during his first rotation.

Nolan is currently in his inaugural rotation at the EVS department, and his mentors couldn’t be prouder of his progress.

Danniell, who’s been working with the pharmacy department, has already been extended a job opportunity following her internship.

Kennia is an outstanding candidate for the respiratory department, excelling in her role as an equipment tech during her first rotation.

Logan’s distinctive skills make him a strong candidate in the food department, and his co-workers absolutely adore him.

We applaud Katherine for her unwavering dedication and hard work in the in-patient transport department during her first rotation.

Bansiben possesses exceptional communication skills and is diligently contributing to the food department at the moment.

Mathias is thriving in the linen department and has quickly mastered navigating the hospital.