CILNCF’s Marion County HSHT Program receives Able Trust Award!

Each year, the Able Trust awards the statewide High School High Tech (HSHT) sites for excelling in various program areas. We are so happy to announce that the CIL’s Marion County HSHT Program was recognized for excellence in Family Involvement, one of the HSHT design features!

CONGRATULATIONS to our HSHT Senior Staff Program Coordinator, Arlene Jennings, who runs our Marion County Program, for helping your student’s families get connected to services in the community and providing consistent communications! Thank you so much for your continued hard work and dedication to HSHT!

CIL Virtual Art Showcase Results!

The CIL Virtual Art Showcase was a great success! People with disabilities from all over the state of Florida submitted their original artwork, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, mosaics and photography. Throughout the process, we received artwork from 11 participants, exhibited a total of 45 pieces of artwork and had a total of 2,815 likes in just 8 days of the contest! Many thanks to all those who took some time to check and vote for their favorite artwork! Check out the winning participants and their artwork below!

Rural Food Distribution at the ARC of Hernando County another success!

The ARC of Hernando County was such a pleasure to visit during the CIL’s second rural food distribution. The CIL was able to come in with such a welcoming and supportive staff, that it made the new service of providing food an ease. Our new consumers were happy to have us, as they were taking pictures and building relationships with conversations about life and future opportunities. We definitely enjoyed the outreach, and we look forward to building more services with the ARC of Hernando County in the future!

Happy Holidays!

Holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, eat good food and be thankful! After this especially challenging year, we have so much to be thankful for! We are thankful for our awesome consumers, dedicated staff, generous donors, and our surrounding community partners for their unwavering support. Because of your continued support, the CIL was able to serve nearly 2,400 people with disabilities this past year! You help us make a difference in so many lives throughout our community and we could not be more grateful. We wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!

Special Thanks to UF Disability Resource Center for volunteering at the CIL!

This holiday season, the CIL welcomed seven volunteers from the UF Disability Resource Center and one CIL intern, who all helped the CIL prepare for our ILS group holidays! They assembled 14 craft bags of ILS activities for the month of December, and we are so grateful for all of their hard work and support!

December is the month we learn the importance of giving to others and how much more thoughtful it is to give someone a gift made from our hearts, rather than just buying something! Because of our wonderful volunteers, our consumers were able to make their own craft gifts, wrap the gifts, and prepare them to be given to friends and family. They were also able to celebrate the holidays with a party, play some fun on-line games, and receive some special gifts from the CIL.

Thank you so much again to all of our amazing CIL volunteers and interns! You truly help us continue to make a difference and provide the needed services to our consumers, especially during these challenging times!

Rural Food Distribution During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The CIL’s first rural food distribution during the time of COVID was to the ARC of Bradford County. From the moment we initiated contact to build the relationship, The ARC staff were exceptional. ARC staffer, Jennifer, was ready to send out the needed information to find interested group homes and those who were in need. She was able to connect us with at least 40 new consumers in Bradford County. When we arrived, the consumers and staff were ready with all hands-on deck. We had a station for signing consumers up, check-in for those whose paperwork was complete, a wellness check-in station, and pick-up for the food boxes. We played music and had consumers dancing and singing while learning more about the center. The day was a complete success, and we gained another community family with CIL.

Toys for Tots

We would like to thank our Toys for Tots partners! Every year they help our consumers have a wonderful holiday and make sure that families get a visit from Santa! This year we bagged toys for over 50 kids from 21 families. These bags were filled with games, dolls, and some awesome bikes!

Thanksgiving Baskets Program!

Our Thanksgiving Baskets Program was a success again this year! This last week the CIL was able to provide 20 of our consumers and their families with the basic needs for a great Thanksgiving meal. We were able to do with the help of Trinity Missions. They coordinate this amazing community wide program every year!