Join us for CIL Online Activities in November!

Fall into the season with the CIL! Please check out our latest November calendar of online activities!

 On Tuesday, Youth Social Group runs from 3:30 PM-5:00 PM. On Wednesday, Independence Hacks (ILS) runs from 10:30 AM-12:00 PM. Everything can be reached on Zoom through the meeting ID: 352 378 7474 and password: cilclass.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Terri Poucher at 352-378-7474 or We hope to see you there!

Check out what HSHT has been up to during DEAM!

Our High School High Tech (HSHT) intern Aiden had the opportunity to job shadow at the University of Florida this month for DEAM! Aiden aspires to be a news producer in the future, so this shadowing experience was the perfect fit for him. Aiden shadowed Kalisha Whitman, the senior TV News Manager for the College of Journalism and Communications at UF. During his time at UF, Aiden learned how to edit and write scripts for television news, and helped produce an episode of “The Breakdown” which highlights the latest headlines in news and entertainment. Special thanks to Kalisha and the UF College of Journalism and Communications for providing this wonderful experience for Aiden!

We’re continuing to highlight our Employment consumers and businesses!

We’re celebrating DEAM by continuing to highlight our Employment consumers and businesses!

Consumers Josiah Burgos (center) and Dwaun Harris (individual picture) are enjoying their time at Comfort Suites, and working well with staff members Ms. Ashley (left) and Debbie Sigler (right).  The Comfort Suites team has gone above and beyond in altering duties, making lists, shifting schedules, and calling the job coach in when needed.  Josiah and Dwaun are both very supportive friends, occasionally ride to work together and help each other out with duties as needed.  Both consumers love their jobs and referred to Comfort Suites staff as “family”

The CIL truly appreciates all that Comfort Suites has done in supporting our consumer’s employment!

Read about James Patrick’s story- Apply for the JPPAS Program today!

The Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living (FACIL) is accepting applications for the James Patrick Memorial Work Incentive Personal Assistant Services program (JPPAS). The JPPAS program provides monthly stipends to qualified Floridians with disabilities who are employed and require personal assistance services for daily living.

James Patrick shared his story and how JPPAS came to be. James was diagnosed with astrocytoma when he was 16 months old and had been in a wheelchair since the age of 12. James had a passion for the Tax Collection Enforcement Diversion Program, while working at the State Attorney’s Office and eventually worked towards passing a bill that allowed for some of the state sales tax revenue to help working persons with disabilities, who because they were working, were disqualified from receiving social security income. This bill established JPPAS.

Click on the links to read more about James Patrick and the application!

The DEAM celebration continues!

We’re celebrating DEAM by highlighting our Employment businesses!

Manager’s Kevin (pictured) and Kurtis of BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse went above and beyond in employing a CIL consumer to bus tables. They were very open to accommodating any needs, giving the consumer an opportunity to show his skills. The consumer remains very excited about the job and continues to work very hard. BJ’s management recognizes his hard work and positive attitude.

The CIL appreciates all that BJ’s has done to welcome and include our consumer in their family atmosphere!

Check out another highlight of our Employment consumers and businesses!

The CIL is continuing to celebrate DEAM with more highlights of our Employment consumers and businesses!

Triple Crown Trailers has employed two of our consumers! They have hired Delroy Hunt Jr. as a welder (far right) and Cameron Foy (far left) works in axle assembly. Delroy has completed both basic and advanced welding and was promoted after one week, and then after a just couple of weeks was promoted again to welding assembly, where he is now welding trailers together! Cameron is super excited, proud, and happy that Triple Crown will be reintroducing him to small welding repairs until he builds up more confidence. Cameron is hoping to get back into welding and put his skills to use soon!

Thanks so much to the team at Triple Crown Trailers. You have all gone above and beyond to ensure that our consumers are comfortable, heard, and have the necessities to be successful!

The CIL is continuing to highlight our Employment consumers and businesses!

The DEAM celebration continues with more highlights of our Employment consumers and businesses!

Canteen, who support a partnership with the CIL to help people with disabilities gain skills for employment has been collaborating with the CIL for several years. Canteen has hired a number of our consumers. Everybody wins when employers like Canteen open up to possibilities!

Pictured below are some of the great staff at Canteen!