CILNCF ILS classes still going strong!

We’re continuing to celebrate 40 years of service here at the CIL!  This month, we wanted to highlight one of our Five-Core Services, Independent Living Skills (ILS)!

Terri Poucher, our ILS Coordinator, has done a wonderful job planning and implementing ILS classes each month for our consumers, especially throughout the pandemic.  Please read below about what she has to say about the latest ILS happenings at the CIL!

“This month (May) we have been discussing Mental Health, since it is Mental Health Awareness Month.  We talked about thinking errors (that we all make) and how to correct them, as well as the 6 different aspects of health and why it’s important to focus on all of them (wholistic) and not just one area.  We also talked about the kinds of foods that are best for your mental (and overall) health in our basic cooking class, with a live demo on protein shakes.

For the next 6 months, we have some great topics coming up like: how to deal with changes, how pets help your health, basic first aid, Deaf Awareness, more on basic cooking and possible (future) guest speakers and outings.

We will be reopening to ILS in-person groups in June for a small test group and if that goes well and we all stay healthy, we look forward to opening up to more people and the ability to do more things.”

ILS will continue to have zoom meetings on Wednesdays- so feel free to join us there!  Here is the sign in info:  ILS-WED 10:30AM – 12:00PM

Click this link to join the Zoom meeting:

If the link above does not take you to the meeting, go to, and on the top, right side, click on the button that says join a meeting and enter the information below:

Meeting ID: 352 378 7474

Passcode: cilclass   Passcode: 425521

JP-PAS Program making a difference!

The JP-PAS Program continues to empower and make a difference for people with disabilities by providing monthly stipends to qualified Floridians who are employed and require personal assistance services for daily living.  Peter, pictured below, is a recipient of JP-PAS and had a wonderful opportunity to work for the United States Air Force.  What does your future hold?  Sign up for JP-PAS today!

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this amazing program or if you would like to learn more, please visit!

Image description: Blue sky background with white clouds throughout the graphic.  The top of the image reads: “The JP-PAS Personal Attendant Services and Employment Assistance Program” in large dark blue lettering. In the bottom center of the graphic, there is a picture of Peter smiling, receiving an award for his work with the United States Air Force.  He is sitting in his wheelchair, holding his award, and wearing a black suit with tie and a white collared shirt. Another individual in Air Force fatigues is standing to his left, also smiling and holding a part of the award.  The FACIL logo is in the center of the graphic on the left side and the JP-PAS logo is in the center on the right side. In between them is the program’s website, written in the above paragraph.

Congratulations to our Alachua Rural HSHT graduates!

Please enjoy a video below, highlighting our two High School High Tech (HSHT) seniors in the Alachua Rural HSHT Program. Congratulations to you both! All of us here at the CIL wish you the BEST in your future endeavors!

Image below video is a picture of Aidan and Ethan in posing in front of the Charles R. Perry Construction Institute at Santa Fe College during one of their job shadowing experiences.

CIL Staff attends Governor’s Hurricane Conference!

Our Consumer Specialist Kevin Towles recently represented the CIL by attending the 36th Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference.  He was able to participate in various workshops with Volunteer Florida and FEMA, and learned new strategies to assist people with disabilities in an emergency.  He tabled for two days, providing CIL resources to all attendees throughout the state of Florida.  Additionally, Kevin joined a panel discussion and shared resources and checklists to remember in an emergency situation, especially for people with disabilities.  He made several new partnerships throughout the week, and was able to reconnect with past and current business partnerships.  Thank you so much Kevin for helping the CIL prepare our community and people with disabilities for the upcoming hurricane season! 

Images Include two pictures: Kevin tabling at the conference and Kevin representing the CIL on a discussion panel.

JP-PAS Program Empowers People with Disabilities!

The JP-PAS Program continues to change lives by providing monthly stipends to qualified Floridians with disabilities who are employed and require personal assistance services for daily living.  Please read JR’s testimonial below about how the JP-PAS Program empowered him to live a more independent life.

“Are you working? Sitting on the sidelines of life and watching it go was very frustrating. The possibilities of a full and active life are endless through gainful employment! JPPAS Program is a fantastic Florida tool to help you move from dependency to self-sufficiency, empowerment, and a world of choices. Try work, you might like it!”

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this amazing program or if you would like to learn more, please visit!

Image description:  Two pictures of JR with a light blue background.  The top picture shows JR driving and smiling in his fully accessible vehicle, and the bottom picture shows JR on a boat, smiling and sitting at the helm with his friend Erika, also smiling and standing to his right with her arm around his shoulder.

CIL HSHT Programs achieve Able Trust Quality Program Award!

Happy Team Tuesday!

We wanted to give a HUGE shout out to our High School High Tech (HSHT) team members Niusha and Pepper!  During last month’s HSHT Annual Conference, Niusha achieved the Able Trust Quality Program Award for the Alachua County HSHT Program, and Pepper achieved the Able Trust Quality Program Award for the Putnam County HSHT Program!  Congratulations to you both and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your programs and our high school students with disabilities.  Great job!!  #FloridaHSHT

Image Description: Two pictures with light blue background. The first is at the top left of the graphic, and shows Niusha holding up her award with Joey D’Souza, Vice President, External Engagement with The Able Trust to the left, and Coleen Agner, HSHT State Director with The Able Trust to the right.  The second picture is at the bottom right of the graphic, and shows Pepper holding up her award with Coleen Agner, HSHT State Director to the right.  They are all standing in a banquet room, in front of a table with a blue tablecloth and Able Trust banner, smiling at the camera. The CIL logo is to the bottom left.    

Happy Mother’s Day from the CIL!

We hope everyone is having a great day celebrating with their families.  Please enjoy some of our staff’s favorite Mother’s Day memories below!

Debbie:  My favorite Mother’s Day memories, if I had to choose, would be my first Mother’s Day as a mom to Alan. Memories of my mom was looking forward to a family dinner every year with siblings and grandkids. I really miss my mom the most. We lost her to breast cancer. Between my sister and my mom, I have learned to fight, not sit back and waste away.

Lauren:  In 2017, my daughter brought home a small plant, “Mother of 1000 Daughters” that her 2nd grade teacher had the students put together for Mother’s Day. It is a very beautiful, unique and hearty plant that, just like its name, can produce 1000s of little baby plants in a short amount of time. We love plants at our house, so this was an amazing gift that I have to be careful with where I put it, as the babies will fall off the leaves and seed themselves ANYWHERE with the slightest movement of the plant. In the concrete, aluminum siding, porch cracks, and certainly all over the yard if I put it outside. Needless to say, I have several growing from the mother plant, and probably hundreds more that I’ve pulled up since then, but it’s the gift that’ll keep on giving, and I’m reminded of this every time I see a new one popping up somewhere random.

Drew:  My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when I made a picture slideshow for my mom with family pictures, music, etc. and surprised her with it!

Image Description:  Background includes a clear blue sky, a couple of thin, white clouds, with fuchsia and light pink flowers at the bottom growing out of green grass in a field.  The CIL logo is to the bottom left, just above the flowers.  The blue text at the top reads, “Happy Mother’s Day!! Moms deserve all the flowers in the world! With love from The CIL.”

Spring Cleaning fun at the CIL!

On Earth Day, April 22nd, our CIL Team came together and enjoyed a day of spring cleaning! CIL staff from our Gainesville and Ocala offices worked hard to clean and organize their own offices, as well as the entire CIL. Special thanks to everyone for their help and making the CIL smell April fresh and look lighter and brighter! You are all awesome and appreciated!

Image Description: Includes six total pictures, three at the top of the image showing various CIL staff posing and smiling during the cleaning day, and three at the bottom showing the clean activity room and lobby.

Alachua County Expo Thanks from the CIL!

We’re sending a BIG THANK YOU to all of our amazing Alachua County Emergency Preparedness Expo donors, sponsors and vendors, as well as our venue host, the Senior Recreation Center!!  We could not have done this without all of your support and we are so very grateful.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in the Alachua County community!

Donors: Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc., Herr’s Chips, Publix, Sam’s Club, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jimmy John’s and PDQ.

Vendors: Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Shine/Elder Options, Gainesville Fire Rescue Community Resource, Community Hospice & Palliative Care, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections, UF Health Psychiatric Hospital, Alachua County Emergency Management, FAAST, Clay Electric Cooperative, Servpro of Gainesville, Gainesville Opportunity Center and Disability Rights.

Image Description:  Graphic of 4 pictures with light blue border from the Alachua County Emergency Preparedness Expo at the Senior Recreation Center.  Top left is CIL staff Sada and Mark sitting at the sign-in table, top right is CIL staff Brandon and Claudia manning the FAAST table, bottom left is an overview of the stage and podium with Anna Prizzia, County Commission, welcoming everyone to the event and bottom right is CIL staff member Eric manning the CIL table.  “Thank you!” is written in the middle in white cursive text.

CIL Executive Director gives thanks!

Happy Friday!

Please enjoy this Amazing Give thank you video from our Executive Director, Tony Delisle. We truly appreciate everyone who helped make this day a huge success!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!